April 26, 2024

Firefox Relay


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  • Google Analytics
  • Jest
  • Typescript

Firefox Relay is a browser extension and web application designed to protect user privacy through email alias and phone masking services. It allows users to interact online without exposing their real contact details, thus reducing spam and safeguarding against privacy breaches. The frontend utilizes technologies such as Next.js, TypeScript, and Jest, with Django handling the backend.

In my role as frontend engineer on the team, I led development efforts for various different features, such as the user onboarding experience for free users, onboarding experience for phone masking users and integration of CSAT system onto the browser extension. My responsibilities included maintaining and enhancing the user interfaces of both the website and the browser extension. I ensured functional and visual parity between these platforms, implementing design updates, and optimizing user interactions based on user feedback and stakeholder requests.

Firefox Relay browser extension – phone masking service
Firefox Relay phone masking service

Approximately 30-40% of my time was dedicated to maintenance tasks, including writing and running tests to ensure the stability and reliability of the application. Although my primary focus was on frontend development, I also gained some experience with Python while interacting with the backend components. My efforts were crucial in streamlining the development process and maintaining high standards of quality and performance in the product.

Here is an example of another typical feature I would work on: news announcements and coupons. This kind of feature involved typical UI work along with using Google Analytics to keep track of feature success. This announcement was a new 20% off coupon, available for a limited time. After the listed date, this announcement would be archived.